Air Monitoring – Asbestos and Lead Abatement

On-site air sampling and third-party inspection of safe work procedures add significantly to the quality and safety of the work being performed; this is vital to ensure occupant safety and peace of mind as well as ensuring compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations. Air sampling helps assess exposures and the effectiveness of control measures to ensure that workers are not exposed above the recommended limits.


Mould Assessments

There are several types of mould assessments that EcoHazMat can perform. The assessment will be tailored to your needs and purpose, whether it be an assessment to establish the airborne spore contamination level, the detection and identification of specific airborne contaminants, or to confirm whether visible stains or discolourations are from mould growth. EcoHazMat also conducts air sampling to ensure that abatement of affected areas has been successful.