What is an Asbestos Management Program?
·        A system used to control asbestos hazards in the workplace

·        Aims to prevent workers and others from being exposed to asbestos

·        Provides information on hazards and controls

·        Outlines employee responsibilities and safe work procedures

·        Includes the Asbestos Inventory

What is the Asbestos Inventory?
·        A document that is legally required by Sections 6.4-6.6 of the WorkSafeBC regulations

·        It lists all known, presumed, and suspect asbestos-containing material in the workplace

·        Includes sample details such as location; type and percentage of asbestos; condition

·        States materials that must be considered asbestos-containing based on sample results

·        Lists other materials that are suspected to contain asbestos but haven’t been sampled
Purpose of an Inventory
·        To comply with WorkSafeBC Regulations (See Overview on Asbestos Legislation)

·        To speed up renovations and reduce costs

·        To inform building managers of asbestos hazards and liabilities in their building

·        To record sampling, abatement, and renovation activities

EcoHazMat can generate specific pre-renovation reports from a fully comprehensive inventory; saving the time and costs associated with a site visit for sampling, sample analysis, and reporting.