What is a Hazardous Materials Assessment

We conduct hazardous materials assessments to identify hazardous building materials that may be disturbed when an area is renovated or a building is demolished. Our main focus is to find materials that contain asbestos and lead, although other hazardous materials like mercury, PCB’s, and silica are noted if found. The steps involved in an assessment are:

  1. Collecting samples from specific locations
  2. Analyzing samples to determine whether or not the material contains asbestos, and if it does, to identify the type and percentage of asbestos
  3. Writing a report that draws conclusions from the sample results and identifies the location of all hazardous materials within the scope of work

Who needs one

Building owners, homeowners, building managers, and employers are required to have a hazardous materials assessment completed before any renovation, restoration, or demolition work begins. Many cities within the lower mainland will require a hazardous materials report before granting renovation or demolition permits. Abatement contractors require specific hazardous materials reports prior to any remediation.

Why they are needed

  • An ethical obligation to protect workers
  • Compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulations
  • To obtain permits for demolition or renovation work
  • For risk management

How to get one

Email EcoHazMat with a work request that includes the site address, scope of work (if known), drawings, and your contact information. We will review it and call you to discuss and schedule the inspection.